Saturday, February 16, 2013

Deadlines, Schmeadlines

Well, my music is taking a little longer to write than I expected.  I have been making progress, so that's good.  I am, however, notoriously bad about keeping deadlines, whether I set them myself or they're set for me.  So I do like to set deadlines because it gives me a goal to work toward, doesn't always work out as planned.

Like I said, I have been making progress, especially on my tuba sonata.  I am nearly done with the first movement; I just have some minor editing and formatting to do.  Once the first movement is done I will upload it as a free download while I write the rest of the piece.  (And yes, I have started the other movements.)

Other things I have been working on include an arrangement of "Loch Lomond" for a cappella male voices, a piece for solo clarinet, and a transcription of Gabrieli's "Canzon septimi toni a 8" for saxophone quartet and brass quintet which is finished but needs formatting.  I will also soon upload some computer generated audio of the pieces I have on my site, as placeholders until I get real recordings of them.

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