Thursday, October 25, 2012

Psalm 23

My newest upload is a piece that I wrote five years ago, back in 2007.  My setting of Psalm 23 for soprano, alto, and piano is through-composed, utilizing some modernist techniques.  Specifically, I used parallel motion and unrelated keys as key components to portraying the text.  Past these techniques, however, the piece remains accessible and easily singable for church musicians, high school and college students, etc.

This well-known text has a comforting theme (though it does speak of "the valley of the shadow of death").  To support this theme, the melodic lines and piano accompaniment are simple and relaxed, except where the previous quote occurs: with a lower tessitura and a minor tonality, it is darker in nature than the rest of the piece.  However, it is not overly so, as the next words are "I will fear no evil."  Parallel motion throughout portrays the idea of God being with us and leading us as a shepherd would lead his sheep.

To see a sample and purchase the music, click here:

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